Lecture Videos

Welcome to the Hope Hill lecture video page.  You'll have a chance to listen to our Sunday lectures and get to know what we are excited about.  After listening to a video or two, you'll grow in your knowledge of God, and you'll get to know a bit more about the Hope Hill community.


God with us(12-25-16)

It's one thing to know that God made the earth, but it's a whole other thing to consider that God came to earth to walk among us. This lecture considers the amazing things that were accomplished during the time that Jesus walked among us. Don't miss this video!


Lite Love vs. Heavy Love (12-11-16)

Relationships are tough.  Friends, family members, lovers — we've all experienced connections that crashed and burned.  So how do we proceed seeing that we've experienced emotional pain, and we know that the future may hold even more heartache?  Should we harden our hearts to protect ourselves from getting hurt again?  Should we retaliate when someone mistreats us?  Check this lecture out as Beau Lee explains the important differences between Love Lite and Heavy Love.


End Times Prophesy || Part 2 of 2(11-20-16)

This is the second of a two-week series regarding what the Bible tells us will happen in the future.  This video tells us exactly what will happen on earth after Jesus shows up for His second coming.  Get ready for some surprises from the Bible — it might not be what you'd expect.


End Times Prophesy || Part 1 of 2(11-13-16)

The Bible foretells us what is to come for humanity and planet earth. This video explains that God has the future under control, and that He plans to fulfill every one of His promises to us. What will happen on planet earth up to the day that Jesus shows up for His second coming? Check out this thought-provoking video to find out what the Bible has to say about it.