Hope Hill Ministry teams


worship team

  • Chair: Beau
  • Team: Madison, Lulu, Maya, Dorcas, Rachelle, Kelli, Josh, John, Beau
  • Mission: To provide high-quality music on Sunday services that effectively encourages the Hope Hill faith community to enter into authentic worship of our Savior.
  • Expected Results: To enlist highly talented musicians who have faithfully honed their skill, to select music that is doctrinally sound and deeply meaningful, to always strive to improve, to have practices such that the team arrives prepared by Sunday morning, and to help both men and women enter into authentic worship of God.

Admin TEAm

  • Chair: Mimi
  • Team: Herina
  • Mission:
    • Setting-up quarterly meetings between the pastoral team and committees 
    • Connecting with committees to ensure they have the proper support 
    • Clerical work that goes alongside making sure committees are effective and efficient (e.g. meeting minutes and follow-up emails)
    • To help the mission of Hope Hill by assisting with administrative tasks and facilitating more efficient coordination of details between departments. (e.g., pastor contacts to ask to schedule events, reminders sent out for meetings, manage church calendar, etc.)
  • Expected Results: Help relieve the administrative tasks of the church leadership, create ways to help the church operate smoothly, and assist in creating and laying the administrative structure for healthy, responsible, and sustainable church grow.

Marketing TEAM    (Critical Need)

  • Chair: Needs Leader
  • Team: Michelle
  • Mission: We bring people to hear the Gospel message, come to faith, get plugged into faith community, to become all that God wants them to be, and to ultimately join us in Heaven for eternity.
  • Expected Results: To bring greater and greater numbers of people to Hope Hill to hear the message of Jesus and to record and report the results of the team’s activities.

Events Committee

  • Chair: Needs Leader
  • Team: Kelli, Grace, Lorraine, ________(Need to Add One or Two Males to This Team)
  • Mission: To plan and execute effective relationship-building events for members (male and female) and guests — all to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Expected Results: Have one to two well-attended events each month where both believers and unbelievers can find value.
  • Announcement Request Form

Children’s Ministry Committee   (Critical Need)

  • Chair: Needs Leader
  • Team: Irina, ________, ________
  • Mission: To plan and conduct effective children’s ministry by providing an environment where children can come to understand the Gospel, the Bible, and God’s character.
  • Expected Results: For the time being, develop policy and procedure handbook, research curriculum options, legal and safety requirements (MinistrySafe), administrative systems (staff scheduling and communication), age groups that we will be able to handle, and delineating any other resource needs. Prepare Hope Hill for an effective children's ministry where children are (a) coming to understand the Gospel, (b) growing in knowledge of God's character, (c) having a ton of fun, and (d) all in a safe environment.

Greeting & Hospitality Team    (Complete)

  • Chair: Michelle
  • Team: Grace, Kuceli, Irina, Christopher
  • Mission: To make guests and members feel extraordinarily welcome and at home in God’s house from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave — all in order to help the faith community fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Expected Results: Help newcomers to feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of their experience.

Finance Committee    (Complete)

  • Chair: Renata
  • Team: Taku, Beau
  • Mission: To communicate the financial needs of the church to the members in order to assure show the connection between funding and ministry productivity and to encourage sufficient internal funding for congregational Great Commission activity.
  • Expected Results: Carefully track Hope Hill finances each month and help Hope Hill to (a) use wise principles for spending, (b) remain financially accountable, (c) communicate financial needs to the congregation, and (d) encourage biblical generosity in the congregation.

CONNECT GROUPS    (Critical Need)

  • Chair: Beau
  • Leaders: Grace, Abby, Lorraine, Irina
  • Mission: To provide life-changing mid-week biblical teaching, encouragement, friendships, and fun to the members of Hope Hill faith community.
  • Expected Results: To provide consistent mid-week gatherings with a significant turnout of Sunday regulars showing up for mid-week Connect Groups and getting a spiritual recharge.