Recommended Resources


Official hope hill statement of Belief

Hope Hill Statement of Beliefs.  (Link to PDF)  Pastor Beau Lee compiled this 42-page document, and it covers the most important doctrines that a believer must know.  It is recommended that every Hope Hill member reads the entire document to strengthen their spiritual foundations.

Discipleship & Foundations of Faith

"Growing in Christ: A 13-Week Course for New and Growing Christians."  Description: This amazing little book has 13 short chapters that lead a believer into a strong understanding of how Jesus has saved them, how to be certain they will go to Heaven, and how to effectively live the Christian life.  This book can easily be found on Amazon (Link) for between ~$4 and $7.

"Disciples Are Made Not Born: Equipping Christians to Multiply Themselves Through Ministry to Others" by Walter Henrichsen.  (LinkDescription: This book not only describes what a disciple is, but it tells us how to make disciples of others.  Jesus said: "Go into all the world and make disciples."  This book will help us do this effectively.

"The Master Plan of Evangelism" by Roy Fish.  (LinkDescription: Announcing the good news about Jesus has always been the top priority of His followers.  All believers will become more fruitful by following the pattern of faith-sharing described in this excellent book.

"The Way of the Alongsider: Growing Disciples Life2Life" (Bill Mowry, 2012).  (LinkDescription: The Ways of the Alongsider is more than a Bible study or a program. This Bible-centered guide is a fresh approach to making disciples in “life2life” ways.  This book paints a new picture of disciple-making that moves this vital ministry out of the hands of ministry professionals to everyone who wants to participate in the great commission.


New International Version (NIV).  Description: The NIV is a very easy-to-understand, thought-for-thought version of the Bible.

New King James Version (NKJV).  Description: The NKJV is a very precise, word-for-word translation of the Bible.

New Living Translation (NLT).  Description: The NLT is a good and very readable Bible for new readers to the Bible, although more loose of a translation than serious readers should desire.  (Intermediate readers should move toward the NIV or NKJV.)

Bible Reading Resources  (LinkDescription: A fantastic online resource for checking the original Greek and Hebrew words of the Bible, learning their meaning, and doing in-depth word studies.  It is a wonderful concordance and lexicon.  A resource for those who want to go DEEP!  If you want to learn how to use this study tool, it is recommended that you request a 20-minute training session from your pastor.

Chuck Smith Sermons: Teaching on Every Chapter in the Bible (Online Audio Sermon Archive).  (LinkDescription: This is Beau's personal favorite teaching source.  Beau often streams these teachings on his phone as he is doing household chores and when he is going to sleep.  Encouraging, in-depth, and very solid teaching of the Bible.

Sonic Light Commentary on the Entire Bible.  (LinkDescription: This is an excellent written commentary on every book of the Bible.  If you have questions about a chapter or book while reading your Bible, visit this commentary to see what it has to say.  Maybe it will give you an idea of what God is saying through the passage.  Note: Bible commentaries are written by imperfect humans, so you must always check what is said with the Scriptures.


"Why We Know the New Testament Gospels Were Written Early" by J. Warner Wallace. (Video LinkDescription: Many critics of the Bible say that people made up the New Testament writings (especially the gospels) long after eyewitnesses were dead.  This is not the case, and J. Warner Wallace — a homicide detective — explains why the New Testament was actually written early — within a few decades of the ministry of Jesus.  If you only have a few minutes, start the video around 7:00 minutes.

Sharing Your Faith

"Born to Reproduce" (PDF) by Dawson Trotman.  Description: This is a short but excellent article/booklet that provides a life-changing call to share your faith and disciple other people.  You can hear the author's heart throbbing through the words as he urges us to "reproduce" by passing our faith on to others.  Beau believes that every single believer should read this article at least once.  (Estimated reading time: 15-20 minutes)

How to Effectively Study the Bible

"How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor" by Mark M. Yarbrough.  (Amazon LinkDescription: This book is fun and easy to read, but it will absolutely train you to read the Bible like a seminary professor does.  If you want to take the effectiveness of your Bible reading to the next level, you definitely need to read this book.  It just may be the most life-changing book you ever read — apart from the Bible itself.


Chuck Smith Audio Sermons: Teaching on Every Chapter in the Bible.  (Link to Audio LibraryDescription: This is Beau's personal favorite teaching source.  Beau often streams these teachings on his phone as he is doing household chores and when he is going to sleep.  Encouraging, in-depth, and very solid teaching of the Bible.

Trustworthiness of the Bible

Archeological Evidence for the Bible.  (Link to Video)  Description: Here is an excellent video of a lecture that provides a long list of archeological finds that confirm both the Old and New Testaments.

Bible Schools & Seminaries

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).  (Link)  Located in Dallas, Texas, but the school offers both on-campus and online degrees.  DTS is one of the most well-respected seminaries in the world.  It is known for possessing the two top qualities for formally studying the Bible: academic quality and theological soundness.  This is our top recommended choice among all of the seminaries in the world.  DTS offers Masters, ThM, PhD level programs.

Moody Bible Institute.  (Link)  Located in Chicago. Illinois, Moody Bible Institute is very well-respected ministry training seminary.  Moody offers Masters degrees both on-campus and online.


"Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  (LinkDescription: A wonderful book that will teach a couple how to fix one of the most common causes of divorce out there.  These are life-changing biblical truths that must be applied if your marriage is going to flourish.  Don't learn these truths the hard way.  Read this book!

"The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts" by Gary Chapman.  (LinkDescription: An extraordinarily useful relationship book that explains one of the greatest mysteries of relationships.  These life-altering truths will help your marriage survive and thrive — if you apply it's principles.  A short, easy, but fascinating read.  Highly recommended for men and women alike.

"Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself" by Florence Littauer.  (LinkDescription: A spectacular read that helps you understand your unique, God-given personality type.  Read the short and entertaining chapters, take the personality quiz, and figure out which personality you are.  Learn your personality's strengths and weaknesses, and use the information to analyze the personalities of others — and get along much better than before.

Dealing With Sexual Temptation

"The Purity Principle: God's Safeguards for Life's Dangerous Trails" by Randy Alcorn.  (Amazon LinkDescription: A very short book with a ton of excellent principles for men to overcome the many sexual temptations that face them today.  Men, read this book!  You will never be the same again.

"Every Man's Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time" by Arterburn & Stoeker.  (Link)  Description: From movies to television, to print media and the Internet, men are constantly faced with the assault of sensual images.  It is impossible to avoid such temptations...but, thankfully, not impossible to confront them and gain the victory over them.  Millions have found Every Man's Battle the single greatest resource for overcoming the struggle and remaining strong in the face of temptation.


"The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John Maxwell.  (Link to PDF Summary) (Amazon LinkDescription: This book covers the basics of leadership — what it is, and how you can improve in it.  Without a doubt, Maxwell is one of the greatest leadership teachers of our time.  If you want to impact this world with the one life you have, do not neglect learning about leadership.  Your leadership skills are the lid of your impact, so keep raising those skills.

Hospitality & Greeting Ministry

"Reaching & Keeping Visitors Checklist."  (Link to ArticleDescription: One of the ways God wants to use us is by reaching out to guests that attend our faith community.  Think of what is at stake regarding there first impression and first experience at church!  This article gives a host of fantastic tips to help us each fulfill our ministry of hospitality and greeting.  It's one of the most important ministries around.

Creation vs. Evolution

Answers In Genesis.  (www.AnswerInGenesis.orgDescription: The world's most effective organization for clearly explaining the biblical description of the biblical accounts of creation.  This organization has provided a website with a database of short articles answering all of the questions you've had about Genesis, creation, and the flood account.  They know what they're talking about — and they've even built a life-sized ark to prove it.

Kent Hovind YouTube Videos.  (Link to YouTube Seminar Playlist)  Description: Listen, before you watch these videos, know something about Kent Hovind: He is incredibly annoying but absolutely, spectacularly intelligent, witty, ultra-helpful, and easy to understand.  This seminar series is literally life-changing.  We cannot recommend this amazing seminar series enough.  Stop what you are doing and watch it right now; if you can't, at least stop and bookmark this series for later!

Discovery Institute (Dembski, Meyer, Richards, Luskin, Wells).  ( The Discovery Institute is an organization that puts out documentaries, articles, and books for the real scientific minds.  Only check this source out if you are ready for some serious scientific evidence to show that there is, in fact, an Intelligent Designer behind the creation of our fine-tuned Universe.  This organization currently leads the intelligent design movement.

Answering Tough Questions

Answers In Genesis.  (

Ravi Zacharias.  Well-known Christian apologist.

Hurts, Hang-Ups, & Habits

Life's Healing Choices: Freedom From Your Hurts, Hang-Ups, & Habits" (by John Baker).  (Link) Description: We've all been hurt by other people.  And as a result, every single one of us ends up with some sort of hurt, hang-up, or habit.  But the question we all face is, "Where do we go from here?"  This book offers freedom from our issues through eight healing choices that promise true happiness and life transformation.

"Bondage Breaker: Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings, Habitual Sins" (Neil Anderson, 2006).  (LinkDescription: This book leads readers away from the shadows and shackles in their lives and toward the freedom that comes when they (1) realize they have the right to be free, (2) confront the power of Satan, (3) fight the temptation to do it their way, (4) trade deception for grace, & (5) affirm their identity in Christ.  This book will help people break negative thought patterns, control irrational feelings, and break out of the bondage of sinful behavior.  Those struggling will discover how to embrace the promise of Jesus to win the spiritual battles that confront them.

MINISTRY Funding (For Those Interested in Going into Ministry)

"Funding Your Ministry: An In-Depth, Biblical Guide for Successfully Raising Personal Support" (Scott Morton, 2007).  (LinkDescription: Whether you are experienced at fundraising or just starting out, Funding Your Ministry will help answer your questions and put you on the biblical path for recruiting and maintaining donor support.