Beau Lee | SENIOR Pastor

Beau is a professional guitarist, an entrepreneur, a business consultant, an author, and the Senior Pastor of Hope Hill.  He started his search for God when he was 16 years old, and finally found his way to faith in Jesus at age 23.  His entire life radically changed for the better at that point.  Since then, Beau has avidly studied the Bible, philosophy, and the scientific evidence for the existence of God.  After studying theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), he went on to pursue a MS in Management, Strategy & Leadership at Michigan State University (Broad School of Business). Beau is currently a doctoral student at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University (Growing and Multiplying Churches program).

Beau loves to to teach from his own passions and discoveries, and you will find him speaking at Hope Hill each Sunday.  He is in his flow when collaborating with others to strategize what a better world would look like — and how to do something about it.  As an extrovert to the core, his free time is often spent hanging out with friends and “philosophizing.”  You can meet Beau this Sunday at Hope Hill.

Before they were married, Beau and Renata volunteered to do aid work for a period of seven months in Gonaives, Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010, and they fell in love during this time.  Shortly after returning to the U.S.A., a conversation took place between Beau and Renata's father, and Mr. Lee and Ms. Duval tied the knot four months later.  They honeymooned in Amirim, Israel — a small kibbutz-village in the hills of the Galilee.

Beau and his wife moved from Chicago to Boerum Hill, Brooklyn in 2014, and they now live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with their toddler daughter, Ahava.  They continue to own and manage two businesses, and use much of their free time volunteering at Hope Hill and serving with the rest of the Hope Hill team. Other hobbies include: Guitar, Philosophy, Science, Biblical Hebrew & Greek, Studying Leadership & Management, Bonsai Trees, & Spy Films.

Fun Facts About Beau

  • Beau's book, "Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Salvation," can be found on

  • Beau has been snorkeling in the world's top diving spot. (Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt)

  • The first time Beau went skydiving it was a cloudy day. He jumped from high above the clouds and saw nothing but a sea of silver-white sea below for most of the fall.

  • Beau was an avid snowboarder. While snowboarding during his high school years, Beau launched off a jump and broke his back by failing to finish a rotation on a back flip.

  • At age 18, he was running back a punt return in a football game and was injured as his right knee was forced all the way backwards in the wrong direction. Despite a month in the hospital and five surgeries, you may still observe a slight limp when he walks.


RENATA LEE | Pastor’s Wife & Assistant Director

Union Square Church New York City

Renata is always finding some reason to smile.  A tremendous optimist at heart, she loves getting together with friends over coffee to talk about what God is doing each other's lives and how to live life to its fullest.  Renata graduated from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) with a degree in International Studies with a special concentration on Cultures in the Middle East.  While pursuing her studies, she took five semesters of Modern Hebrew.  In her 20s, Renata spent time traveling and backpacking around the world - throughout the South Pacific, Middle East, and Europe.  She is currently doing graduate work in theological studies. During the week, Renata divides her time between overseeing the administration of three businesses, spending quality time with her dearest friends, and staying in touch with family.  

Fun Facts About Renata

  • Since getting married, Renata has heard independent people say that her name was native to more than 10 different countries. Renata still doesn't know who to believe.

  • Renata joined the Army at age 17 and drove the U.S. military's largest tractor trailer rig. It could hold two Humvees or one large tank. There were 40 wheels on the trailer and 8 wheels on the cab.

  • Renata finds extreme fulfillment as a stay-at-home mom of Ahava, and also works from home as co-owner of Israel Bible Trips with her husband Pastor Beau.

Takuya Yamashita | Trustee & Finance Counselor

Takuya Yamashita

Takuya Yamashita

Takuya Yamashita is a trustee at Hope Hill Church, and he provides wise counsel regarding church finances, as well as counsel to individuals regarding personal finances. A church has both spiritual and practical concerns, and Takuya (“Taku”) helps the church stay on track as it seeks the best ways to put its funds to use to reach the goals that Jesus has commissioned the church to accomplish.

He loves how Hope Hill congregation tries to be authentic, caring, gospel-proclaiming and Bible-based. He is a passionate volunteer serving God and Christ with joy and smile in New York City. Besides being a trustee in Hope Hill, he is also part of a Christian choir group which serves communities around the tri-state area.

Professionally, he works as a software engineer in the FinTech firm. His hobbies include singing in the choir, watching funny, cute or educational videos on YouTube, and playing board games. He doesn't quite like to lose board games he loves, but losing is also part of life.     

Elias Alba | Sound & Media Director

Elias Alba

Elias Alba

Elias Alba oversees the sound, Keynote, and sermon video departments of Hope Hill Church. His commitment to excellence assures that our Sunday church services run smoothly, that the worship band sounds great, and that the video production of the services is filmed, edited, and made available for viewing. Week after week, the sound and media experience is one of quality due to Elias’ eye and ear for perfection. Make sure to say “hi” to Elias when you visit Hope Hill.

Chris Schwartz | Social Media Manager

Chris Schwartz

Chris Schwartz

Chris Schwartz is the Social Media Manager for Hope Hill Church. You may have noticed that we have a fantastic presence on Instagram, Facebook,, and EventBrite. Chris’ artistic eye and creativity helps the church communicate our thoughts and our activities to the world in a way that can be heard. Check out our social media sites, and make sure to tell Chris what you think about his posts when you visit Hope Hill for a Sunday service.

RaNelle Bradley | First Response Team Director

RaNelle Bradley

RaNelle Bradley

RaNelle is known for her large smile, and all you have to do is say “hello” and it lights up. She oversees our First Response Team, and is excited to direct our church’s attention toward our first-time visitors, making sure they feel the warmest welcome after they leave the service on Sunday. When someone visits a church for the first time, it can be an intimidating adventure. With this said, RaNelle and her team make it their priority to provide such an introduction to the realness and warmth of our faith community that the walls come down. She strongly believes in Hope Hill’s dedication to be a church that prioritizes faith, authenticity, and community.

When she is not at Hope Hill, she is pursuing her English literature PhD at NYU University. She was born and raised in Northern California and dearly misses the wonderful year-long sunshine. During the week you may find her reading or writing about Shakespeare at a cafe, going on walks in the city, hanging out with friends, or eating at a delicious restaurant in the East Village. Additionally, she loves going to Broadway shows in the city. During the last year she has been dedicated to growing and maturing in her faith. Recently she has been committing herself to the “two dailies” of prayer and reading Scripture. Feel free to reach out to her if you would like to meet or catch a cup of coffee. She loves spending time with people, having meaningful conversations, and doing new things in the city!