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Hope Hill church is an authentic and exciting networking and faith community that meets weekly at 108 E. 15th St. right off Union Square (Manhattan, NYC).  Our Sunday gatherings bring together an amazing crowd for music, networking, & a life-changing message.  We welcome everyone to join us for our Sunday 11:00am gathering.  We also have many mid-week gatherings, so make sure to check out our Events page.  If you are looking for a congregation, a church, a synagogue, a community to meet new friends, or a space to wrestle with life's deep questions, welcome to Hope Hill.

EVERY SUNDAY || 11:00AM-12:30PM || 108 E. 15TH ST.



What to Expect

Here are several things that characterize our weekly gatherings:

  • Community. Hope Hill is made up of people that are getting to know and care about each other. Authentic friendship is important to have in the big city of New York.

  • Culture. Hope Hill deeply supports the creative expression of truth through music, poetry & visual arts. You will discover that we cultivate an art-friendly atmosphere.

  • Faith. We curiously read and discuss the Bible, asking questions, seeking out answers, and trying to find practical application for our lives.

While we meet every Sunday, mid-week events also take place, including: Bible studies, relationship workshops, concerts, day trips, music seminars, group skydiving trips, cookouts, community improvement outreaches, and much more.  Hope Hill church is a great place to expand your social life, but it is also a place where you can grow your spiritual life as well.  We warmly invite you to get in on the action by plugging into our community.

Hope Hill is a Home for Believers

Many Christian and Jewish believers will choose to use the Hope Hill faith community events as their primary place of weekly worship.  With real friendships, live music, and intelligent study of the Scriptures, Hope Hill is a fantastic place to call "home."


Would you currently categorize yourself as "irreligious" or "nonspiritual"? While Hope Hill is all about faith, we like faith to be intelligent, and we think seekers who haven't landed on a particular religion yet would find Hope Hill church to be a welcoming place to explore what the Bible has to say. Questions are encouraged, and Pastor Beau Lee loves to do Q&As after service.  This approach creates an open table where all people feel good vibes — irreligious and religious people alike.

You are Invited

Alright, you know about our community.  Now we welcome you to get involved.  Here is what you can do:

  • Attend an Event. Click here to visit our Events page & attend a Sunday Gathering, a mid-week event, or Friday night party. Bring your friends along.

We look forward to meeting you!


Getting Connected


If you are interested in visiting Hope Hill, let us know that you are coming.  We'll keep an eye out for you.  If you would prefer to just show up at one of our events, simply visit our Events page, pick an event, & drop in.

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