WElcome to Hope Hill

Hope Hill church was founded in January of 2015. We are an ultra-exciting faith community of believers that leave the "religion" out in order to focus on a far more important aim: we're interested in authentic knowledge of & relationship with God.  Many different types of people attend.  This diverse crowd includes people from a broad variety of nationalities, religious backgrounds, levels of spirituality, and walks of life.  Our diversity is perfect.  This diversity lends to our beauty and creativity — something we are proud of and thank God for.  Our weekly Sunday Gathering brings an amazing group of New Yorkers for music, networking, and a life-altering lecture.  We come for fun, and we leave either challenged in our faith or highly motivated to go explore more.   Welcome to Hope Hill.

What are you doing this Sunday?  Join us this Sunday at 11:00am and stay late to network and connect.  Our mid-week and weekend events are also not to be missed, and they include: group skydiving jumps, house parties, hiking trips, relationship workshops, Bible studies, racial unity and reconciliation seminars, dinner events, community banquets for homeless families, international missions and aid trips, and much more.  We even have made it our goal for all of us to get to Israel to explore the land where most of the Bible events went down.  With all of this said, if you are looking to deepen your faith, wrestle with questions on spirituality, or simply meet great people, this is your place.

Sunday gathering

  • Every Sunday: 11:00am - 12:30pm

  • Union Square, Manhattan, New York City (NYC)

  • Location: The Vineyard Theatre (108 E. 15th St.)

  • Trains: 456LNQRW / 123 / FM / PATH

Next Steps

To get to know us more, don't forget to visit Our Team page to learn about our Lead Pastor, Beau Lee, and his wife Renata.  You can also join us this Sunday at 11:00am!  Check out our Events Page to see what mid-week gatherings are taking place this week.  Simply pick an event, and then attend.  We look forward to connecting with you soon and introducing you to a fantastic group of people!

kids church

Hope Hill warmly invites you and your child to visit and experience a Hope Hill Kids Church this Sunday! Feel free to come early at 10:30am to get to know our fantastic teachers that love Jesus. It is our goal for the Hope Hill Kids Church to help your child experience extraordinary fun and meaningful learning while at church each Sunday. As a growing congregation, our Kids Church is comprised of young children of various ages, creating a fun multi-age classroom. Learn more about the Preschoolers curriculum, Mommy & Me, our safety polices and more here.