Welcome to Hope Hill — one of New York City's exciting communities of faith.  You are here because you are interested in interning, so let's get started.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for committed believers to come and join forces to engage in: outreach, administration, media, spreading the news on the streets and in the subways, playing music, marketing, graphic design, greeting and hospitality, creativity, brainstorming, networking, and much more.

Let's Talk Details

Interns can be from anywhere in America.  Interns may volunteer on either a full-time or part-time basis, depending on whether they plan to work or not.  Full-time interns will be involved 35 hours per week, Monday-Friday, getting to work behind the scenes as well as having the opportunity to participate and make an impact at each of our exciting Hope Hill events.  Part-time interns will work part-time and volunteer part-time (hours will depend on their work schedules).  Housing will cost between $400-$600 per month in NYC — which is an incredible price for the city.  You will work closely with Directors Beau and Renata Lee and the rest of the Hope Hill team on a daily basis.  We come together, brainstorm our activity, then go and make it happen.  What a spectacular opportunity to use your unique talents!


Are you interested in joining a world-changing team, getting the opportunity to use and grow your gifts in unbelievable ways, and hang out in the ultra-influential city of New York?  Now's your chance.  Let us know by emailing us at Info@HopeHill.com or calling us at 347-703-7800.  We're waiting to hear from you!