What Are the Main Problems Church Plants Face in NYC?

  1. Renting reoccurring space for only several hours each Sunday is very expensive in Manhattan (if you can even reserve every Sunday in the year). It's so expensive, it may even deplete a church plant's entire monthly budget.
  2. Office space is also very expensive, and is separate from the Sunday service location.
  3. It is difficult to find places for mid-week Bible studies.
  4. Finding a place for a Friday or Saturday night outreach event is also difficult.
  5. Weekly transportation of church equipment – including setup, tear-down, & storage – is brutal.

Is There a Solution?  

We have thought of a way to eliminate these problems through cooperation between churches.  Namely, launching a co-sharing church space where multiple churches would use and share the same space with all the usual amenities churches need to fulfill the Great Commission. 

What Amenities Are Included In A Co-Sharing Church Space?

  1. Pooling Funds & Sharing Space.  This arrangement will bring together several like-minded churches to pool their funds in order to rent a facility that would typically be far out of reach.
  2. Sunday Meeting Space.  We can offer your church a large meeting space each week for your Sunday services (3 hours) with minimal setup and tear-down.
  3. Large Loft.  The space would be in a beautiful, spacious loft with nice floors and an expansive ceiling that can seat 75-100 people.  (~3,000-4,000sq.ft.)
  4. Building Entrance. It's important that your members and visitors can easily get in the front door for Sunday service and other events.
  5.  Near Transportation Hub.  This space would be very close to a major subway artery in Manhattan (Midtown, Union Square, SoHo are currently being considered).
  6.  Children’s Ministry Room.  The space would include an extra room for children’s ministry.
  7.  Church Equipment.  The space would have chairs, a projector, sound system, and keyboard/synthesizer ready to use — no setup required.
  8. Mid-Week Studies.  The space would be accessible one night per week for mid-week Bible studies.
  9. Morning Studies.  The space would be accessible one morning per week for mid-week morning Bible studies.
  10. Office Space.  The space would be used for pastoral office space during weekdays.
  11. Conference Table & Counseling Meetings. The space will have areas for team meetings and private pastoral counseling sessions. 
  12. Workstation.  The space would include a workstation with black and white printer, paper, and all typical office supplies.
  13. Kitchen. The space will have a kitchenette for Sunday service snacks, coffee, tea, potluck or party.
  14. Friday/Saturday Nights at a Low Cost.  All for around the same price you are paying for a few hours on Sundays. 
  15. Mailing Address.  Now your mailing address and Sunday service location can be the same. 

How Many Churches Can Participate? 

The schedule and space permits up to five or six congregations.  

Sunday Service Time-slots:
Church 1:  8:15am-11:15am
Church 2:  11:15am-2:15pm
Church 3:  2:15pm-5:15pm
Church 4:  5:15pm-8:15p

Saturday Service Time-slots:
Church 5: 8:15am-11:15am
Church 6: 11:15am-2:15pm

Recommended Order for 3-Hour Service Time-slots:
45-Minutes to Setup Time
90-Minute Service
45-Minutes for Hangout Time

Five churches are needed to launch the co-sharing church space.  If you are interested in becoming one of the four churches, please fill out the inquiry form. Eventually, each church will need to sign a preliminary sublease contract stating that they will take one of the slots once they see the location and space, and feel it will work for their congregation. 

How Soon Until This Co-Sharing Church Space Becomes A Reality?

Beau and Renata Lee are planting Hope Hill church and have encountered all of these problems unique to planting in New York City.  The idea was hatched after Hope Hill found a home in a co-sharing work space on Wall Street where a small church plant was able to have all the above amenities at a price within the church's small budget. Instead of numerous church plants individually attempting to overcome the financial challenges of NYC, it is evident that a co-sharing partnership, allows church plants and church planting pastors to do what they are called to do: love and minister to people. Beau and Renata are also entrepreneurs and own two businesses in the Midwest.   




Can Businesses Sublease?