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Hope Hill Leadership Huddle

  • @ Vineyard Theatre 108 East 15th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Focus On Leadership Development

God has a unique and very special purpose for your life — I believe this with all my heart.  Nobody else can fulfill the calling God has given you quite like you can.  You are called to serve Him in this life, fulfill your potential, and influence as many people as possible for the truth.  You are called to be great, lead others to greatness, and develop other people into leaders.  If you do this, your life will have the greatest eternal impact possible for the One you serve — Jesus.

Leadership Huddles

In 2017, we will be launching leadership meetings at Hope Hill.  These meetings will be incredibly important for our team and our mission.  I believe with all of my heart that this year we are to focus the time, energy, and resources of Hope Hill on supporting those of you who are ready to grow in your leadership abilities and become all that God wants you to be.

We will call these meetings “Leadership Huddles” because they will serve as training, planning, and prepping gatherings for the team of players who want to be involved in the action of the game — and not for those who are determined to watch from the bench on the sidelines.

Let me be clear: To be in these Leadership Huddles will require more effort than the usual passive comfort.  We will be seeking to apply everything we learn, and we’ll hold each other accountable for forward progress.  But I can promise you one thing: This effort will produce a far more exciting and fruitful life as you invest in yourself this way.  Growth always requires stretching and hard work, but the results are priceless.  Those who join the Leadership Huddles will grow.

What Will the Leadership Huddles Be Like?

Meetings will take place every other Sunday over a potluck lunch from 1:00-2:00pm starting February 12th.  We will provide breakfasts to make these meetings comfortable for you.  We will be preparing special teachings each week that will be God-ordained and well-designed to help you grow in your potential as leaders and ministers for the Lord.  They will stretch you, and you will grow immensely!  We will have discussions, books, articles, handouts, and growth opportunities — all designed for high-growth results!

Believe it or not, I believe that these Leadership Huddles will top my priority list for this upcoming year.  I feel that I have heard from God on this, and I know that investing in you is very important to Him.

How Do I Join The Leadership Huddles?

There are a few things you will need to prioritize if you want to join in these meetings.  These include:

  • Committing to attend bi-weekly, 60-minute meetings before the Hope Hill service.
  • Committing to trying new things.
  • Committing to learn, apply, and grow in your leadership abilities. 

If you are interested in being a part of the Leadership Huddles and feel you are willing to commit to your growth, sign up at the Resource Center. 

Looking forward to an amazing year, everyone!

Pastor Beau Lee


WHERE:  108 East 15th Street, Union Square

BRING:  Bible, Pen, Folder, Notebook, and/or Laptop