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Musicians Guild: Guitar Soloing & Lead Playing (w/ Jam Session)

  • 149 West 46th Street (Michiko Studios, Stage Room) New York, NY (map)

Guitar Workshop Details

Ever wondered how really great guitarists can so seamlessly improvise up and down the entire guitar neck without thinking twice?  In all reality, the best guitarists know a few things that others don't.  They understand - truly understand - how scales work.

Join the NYC Guitar Group as we meet for a two-hour workshop to discuss the most important aspects of soloing on the guitar, including:

• The Simple Way to Improvise in a Key (Major & Pentatonic) 

• Why Most Guitarists Think They Know the Pentatonic Scale — But Really Don't 

• How to Easily Express Yourself Using Every Note on the Guitar Neck That Works

• Practice Strategies for Quickly Taking Your Soloing Coordination to the Next Level 

Don't think this will be all learning time.  We will carve out some time to get you actually playing on these scales and practicing what you've learned.  The interesting thing is that sometimes the thing we need to explode in potential is just a simple concept away.  Don't miss this one!

One Thing to Help Prepare for This Workshop

Because a variety of skill levels will be present, newer musicians will want to familiarize themselves with the order of the 12 notes on the music octave.  This includes: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C.  If you have this down, you'll be completely ready to run with the rest of us.  And we're gonna RUN!


Bring your guitar along.  You may also find it helpful to bring a notebook or journal for taking notes as we go along.  We also ask for a $5 entry fee simply to pay for the space.  (If all 30 people pay the entry fee it will just cover the cost of the venue, and that's all we need.)

Maximum Capacity

Because we have scheduled this particular gathering at Michiko Studios, we will be restricted to a 30-person maximum capacity.  With this said, the first 30 to arrive can join the group but we will have to close the doors when we reach capacity.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

See you there!