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6-Week, High-Growth Bible Study Program (FREE)

  • @ Vineyard Theatre 108 E. 15th St. New York, New York (map)


A 6-Week, High-Growth Bible Study Program


The Bible Scholar Series is an exciting six-week Bible college class that is taught in Manhattan.  Amazing Christian and Jewish believers like you will gather to receive in-depth biblical and theological training.  Those who complete this course will be equipped to actively fulfill the personal life calling that God has placed on their lives.  This will truly be a life-changing course!  Interfaith and irreligious learners are also warmly invited to enroll in this program, and they will find the curriculum enjoyable and informative.

This program will consist of a two-hour class that meets each week, with a total of 6 classes during the semester (for a total of 8 hours of class time).

  • Dates of Semester:  Every Sunday Starting February 11 Through March 25 (6 classes), except one break on March 4 when there is no class.
  • Latecomers:  Everyone is welcome to join the class late as each week will be covering a new and valuable topic.
  • Day & Time:  Sunday Mornings, 9:00-10:15am
  • Location:  Vineyard Theatre, 108 E. 15th Street, New York, NY
  • Class Cost:  FREE
  • Accreditation: The Bible Scholar Series is Currently Unaccredited



There are many reasons to enroll in the Bible Scholar Series:

  • BIBLE KNOWLEDGE.  To obtain a thorough understanding of the whole timeline of the Bible - from beginning to end.  This will greatly increase you ability to see and explain God's great plan for world history.
  • CULTURAL CONTEXT.  To better understand the Jewishness and cultural context in which the Old and New Testaments were written.  This will help you to see many important points that God was making that often elude those who do not understand the culture that the prophets, apostles, and other biblical figures lived in.
  • FAITH-OUT-OF-THE-BOX.  To develop your ability to clearly communicate the saving message of Jesus to others.  You will even get equipped with several high-impact Bible verses that aid greatly in sharing the message.
  • ANSWERS.  To search for answers to many of the theological and philosophical questions you may have.  This will strengthen your faith and confidence in talking about your faith, and it will help you to answer questions for your friends, family members, co-workers, etc.
  • TRAINING TO TEACH.  For those who may feel called teach the Bible in some capacity, whether in a formal or informal setting, this class will be a very helpful path of preparation.
  • MENTORING/DISCIPLESHIP.  Believers who develop in spiritual maturity should eventually be able to mentor new believers.  This is an important part of spiritual growth.  This course will prepare you to effectively train new believers in the Judeo-Christian faith.
  • TRAINING IN LEADERSHIP.  To ready yourself to lead or co-lead successful small group Bible studies.
  • PREPPING FOR INTERNATIONAL TRIPS.  To prepare yourself for high-impact world outreach and aid trips, for sharing the faith in unreached areas, and training spiritual leaders in third world nations
  • AN ALTERNATIVE TO SEMINARY.  To gain some of the important knowledge that you would gain in an accredited seminary degree in Theological and Biblical Studies - but without having to commit to a massive program.



Bible Organization of Books.  Gain clear understanding on how the books of the Bible are organized.  This will help readers be able to make better sense of the Scriptures and it will make their daily reading time more fruitful.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew.  Learn how to phonetically read the consonants and vowels of the Biblical Hebrew language, along with several basic grammar rules.  This will provide a foundation upon which students may build their reading, grammar, and comprehension of this ancient biblical language.  Resources will be provided for further study.

Bible Timeline: Genesis to the Reestablishment of Israel.  Study the order and dating of key events in the Bible and in world history.  The goal is to be able to tell the general Bible timeline from Genesis to the reestablishment of Israel in 1948.  This will provide a framework to better see the major themes of God’s Word.

Bible Geography.  Learn the names and locations for common nations and peoples mentioned in the Bible.

Division of Israel & Judah.  We will learn about the ancient division of the land of Israel between the northern kingdom (Israel) and the southern kingdom (Judah) and how God sent prophets to each region.  Master this key concept and understand why this helps readers better understand the books of the prophets (Isaiah through Malachi).

World Empires.  Gain an introductory understanding of the world empires that existed during biblical times.  This will help readers to better understand the books of the prophets (Isaiah through Malachi), and it will help make sense of many key Bible prophecies.

Eschatology.  Survey what the Bible says will take place in the future before the Messiah's coming, after His coming, and on into eternity.  The resurrection of deceased unbelievers and deceased believers will also be covered, as well as the judgments of each of these people groups.

Hermeneutics.  A study of the techniques and tools for effective Bible study.  Readers will learn to check the original Hebrew and Greek languages to assure accuracy of interpretation.

Homiletics.  Learning and practicing the strategies for the preparation of relevant and biblically-accurate messages meant to be shared with others.

Messianic Prophecy Studies.  A comprehensive survey of the Old Testament messianic prophecies and their fulfillment.  We will also analyze and evaluate the ancient rabbinic writings on the prophets found in Targum Jonathan.

What We Believe.  Survey of important and basic biblical doctrines.

Gospel 101.  Topics of Study Include: The message of salvation according to the text of the Bible; book: “Saving the Gospel”; analysis of dangerous distortions of the biblical Gospel; article: “The Alleged Works Salvation Scriptures.”

Survey of Intelligent Design Theory.  This class will investigate the claims of the theory of macroevolution, and compare and contrast the concepts of macroevolution and microevolution.  The biblical account of creation will also be covered.  This class will rely heavily on both the biblical records and scientific data.

Apologetics.  This class will provide tools for defending the faith.  We will learn how to effectively respond to a series of popular attacks against the Judeo-Christian faith.

Jewish Culture & Thought Studies.  Topics of Study Include: Josephus Flavius Studies; Ancient Jewish Thoughts on Gentiles; The Mosaic Law; Talmud Studies (Oral Law vs. Written Law); Survey of the Jewish Feasts and Their Prophetic Meanings; Jewish Messianic Expectations (Past and Present); Jewish Concept of “Day” and “Night.”

Key Bible Passage Locator Studies.  This class will learn to locate key Bible passages on call in the very important topics of Salvation and Eschatology.

Spiritual Gifts Survey.  Each student will study the various spiritual skill sets that the Bible provides examples for, and each person will seek to determine what their unique areas of gifting is.  This class will help to determine personal calling.

Israel Studies.  This series will look at the Scriptures to gain an understanding of God’s promises to the nation of Israel, some of which have already been fulfilled and others which will be fulfilled in the future.  By studying this topic, we will learn about a nation that is very near and dear to God’s heart.

The Prophets.  How to effectively study the books of the prophets: Isaiah through Malachi.  Attendees will learn how to reference the historical books of the Old Testament in order to understand the cultural and political context in which each prophetic book was written.  Students will complete this portion of the curriculum well-equipped to comprehend the most challenging portion of text in the Bible.

Evangelism 101.  How to effectively communicate God's message of hope with people who are looking for spiritual truth.

Total = 8 Hours of Class Time



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