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Pastor/Author Beau Lee Shares His New Book

Pastor Beau Lee launched his long-awaited book, “Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Salvation” — now it’s time to dive in. So many have questions about how to get to Heaven. Have you ever wondered:

• Is there any way we can be 100% assurance of salvation when this life is over?
• Does a Christian go to Hell if he or she keeps making mistakes?
• What about the person who never heard of Jesus? Will God still let that person go to Heaven?
• What exactly does it take to get into Heaven?
• Will God still accept someone struggling in pornography addiction?
• Can someone who has accepted Jesus as Savior ever lose their salvation? If so, how?
• Does someone who has Jesus as Savior have a "license to sin"?

Religious people around the world wrestle with these difficult questions all the time. Fortunately, God has not left us in the dark, and He has offered answers to all of these questions about our salvation.

Join Pastor Beau and the Hope Hill faith community for an incredible Sunday event that includes music, authentic community, and deep thinking. 

Click HERE to pick up Pastor Beau’s book.

  • DAY & TIME: Sunday, July 1st, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • LOCATION: Vineyard Theatre
  • WHO IS THE EVENT FOR: Everyone
  • CONTACT: 347-703-7800
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