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Hope For Haiti Trip

Hope Hill is taking a group of world-changers to Haiti!  As many know, Haiti is a nation that has been repeated devastated by earthquakes (See Video), hurricanes, and uprisings.  The economy is almost non-existent, and the religion of voodoo continues to negatively impact the nation as these leaders - priests and priestesses - offer themselves to bizarre misdirection by spirits (Learn More).  With an average annual income of $1,317 and 45% of the population suffering from malnourishment, the International Monetary Fund has dubbed Haiti "the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere."  Child slavery is common in Haiti (See Video).  The Hope Hill team will head over to this impoverished island to show our love, support, and comfort to the wonderful people of Haiti.  Visiting the orphanages and mountain villages, our activities will include: distribution of food, handing out hygiene gift bags, and Bible workshops for young adults and teens, etc.  Everybody can do something!  Join us! 

TOTAL COST FOR TRIP: $625.  PAYMENT DUE DATE: November 1st.  Space is limited, so save your spot by doing the following: (1) visit our Give page, (2) select "Haiti Trip," (3) deposit down payment of $100.  NOTE: All members of the team should plan to bring along extra money for personal spending needs.

Let us know you are interested and we'll keep you informed.  This will be an incredible opportunity for you to use your gifts to help the amazing people of Haiti!  

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